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Image is a most direct viewing way of communication. It plays an important role in corporate VI system and promotion. Our service supply including processing with customers''''own designs and OEM would help you efficiently with the market promotion.
Our products are marked by the followings:

1. The themes can be reflected directly,and the advertising appeals can be delivered iconically.
2. Comparing to other light industrial products,the realization degree of designs is high, for there is less technique obstruction.
3. It could be a flowing media being taken out by consumers, which broadens the advertising communication.
4. We have a strict cost control program, which keeps your advertising budget low.
5. Our production line is fully automatic,only a very short production time is needed, which assures us to respond quickly to our customers''''demands.

Beside special OEM service,you are welcome to become our dealer or distributor.As our distributor policy,we will try our best to keep our dealer in good advantages in competitive market.We will be your partner in business,not only buyer and seller relationship.We will take solutions together for floating market condition.Any time your advices will be appreciated.Further service policy,pls contact with our sales people.

Base paper and office paper products daler and distributor Support Policy

(1) Information Support: Buildwise collects information on correlative products, industries and markets and provides it to dealers in order to help them to get opportunities and reduce risks.
(2) Sample Support: Buildwise provides samples to dealers for marketing and sales promotion.
(3) Advertisement Support: Buildwise provides dealers with advertisement support by launching advertisement, propaganda and marketing promotion all over the world according to its marketing strategy.
(4) Service Support: Buildwise provides dealers with complete solution before, during, and after sale.
(5) Marketing Support: According to the situation of business development and marketing requirement, Buildwise provides dealers with promotional materials for free such as VI,brochures,posters, nnouncements etc.
(7) Management Support: Buildwise provides management support to dealers and helps them to establish sales teams and develop marketing channels.
(8) Experience Support: Buildwise collects successful experience from its excellent dealers and share them with all other dealers in order to improve their management skill and business performance.

Management on Dealers                           

(1) Buildwise tries its best to support and help dealers to develop the business.
(2) In order to eliminate vicious competition,Buildwise will develop dealers according to the marketing strategy and network so as to ensure the interest of each dealer.

How to Become a Buildwise Dealer

(1) Step 1:After obtaining necessary information on Buildwise, its products and its policy on developing dealers,people can contact Buildwise business representatives.After thorough communication,both parties reach an initial agreement.
(2) Step 2:People submit the "Dealer Registration Form" as well as a copy of their business license to Buildwise for appraisal.
(3) Step 3:After thorough negotiation,both parties sign the í░Dealer Agreementí▒ which states the obligations and rights of both parties.
Once the dealer can start the business operation, it will represent Buildwise to sell products.And then enter process of warranty and after sales services for all our dealers and distributors.

   You are welcome to be as our dealer or distributor in local.


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